Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss- Thigh Lift

Saggy and flabby upper thighs are probably the general difficulties following substantial weight-loss through weight loss surgery. The thigh lift can certainly support in this issue. A thigh lift is usually surgery to eliminate excess skin and body fat of a thighs, which will advantage to tighten the thigh skin and boost the model of the legs. This technique will be advised to your people that have excessive, loose as well as sagging skin over the thighs and leg as an a large amount of weight reduction as well as earlier liposuction oral surgical procedures.

While in consultation

If you’re gone through thigh plasty surgical treatment, you to help initially discuss with your surgeon regarding well documented and also risks regarding the steps. During your appointment, your cosmetic surgeon will explore with you about treatment plan, outcome of the procedure, potential risks and also complications. As documented in your issue, the plastic surgeon will certainly recommend throughout of the thigh lift surgery that’s best anyone. Be frank in talking pertaining to the expectations with the plastic medical doctor.

Types of thigh lifts

There’re a variety of thigh plasty decided by your condition like inner thigh lift, vertical thighplasty, outer thigh lift and spiral thighplasty. Whatever type of surgical treatment you choose, the process methods are indifferent.

Inner thigh lift: The most frequent type of thighplasty is the inner thigh lift. The surgeon will likely make a cut within a groin crease.

Vertical thigh lift: In this treatment, the plastic surgeon will make an incision in the groin area and also extends for the interior side of the lower limb.

External thighplasty: In this treatment, the incision is reached across the hip region to the groin.

Spiral thighplasty: Spiral thighplasty is called a newest thigh lift surgical medicine. This type of surgical procedure will aid to improve the back, front, inner and outer involving the thigh. During this procedure, the incision created below the buttocks and reaches into the genitals wherein the upper leg and also public area get with one another.


This particular surgical treatment method done using general anaesthesia. Your cosmetic surgeon of choice will certainly make an incision depending on their own type of the incision along with the volume among the skin that will be deleted. Then the cosmetic surgeon will certainly remove excess skin area and fat and lifts the remaining upper leg skin and after that tightens up it. She or he will close the incisions using dissolvable stitches to slow up the mark. Ought to be familiar will need approximately on the hours to perform, might the seriousness of your trouble too as degree of corrections needed.

Compression garments will probably be set within the thighs to guide to minimize your inflammation, tenderness and bruising after surgical treatment. The surgery recovery time is 2-3 weeks. The plastic surgeon will recommend you to obtain at least 10 days bed rest following your surgical procedure, which support to boost your recovery period. Júlio César Yoshimura avoid challenging activities as an example cardio exercises, heavy lifting, swimming because sports. After two weeks, you end up being capable an extra shot to are the well as other usual activities.